The following are strongly recommended when using the HMS Client:
  1. The HMS Client is best installed on the same server that runs the clinical or practice management system it interacts with. This includes sharing the same storage.
  2. Allow adequate server resources for both the clinical system and HMS Client to share. Please refer to your clinical system requirements and HMS Client system requirements for guidance.
  3. Ensure your HMS Client is the latest version for best security and performance.
  4. Ensure the server is running on a supported Windows or Macintosh operating system version. Windows Server or a dedicated Macintosh server are strongly recommended.
Software Requirements for HMS 6.8

The HMS Client 6.8 requires a software environment consisting of one of the listed supported macOS operating systems:

  • macOS 11 (Big Sur)
  • macOS 12 (Monterey)
  • macOS 13 (Ventura)

Operating system versions that are no longer supported by the provider cannot be supported by HealthLink.  This is for security and maintainability reasons.

Although the HMS Client may run on such operating system versions, HealthLink cannot provide support if the service encounters a problem. HealthLink’s recommendation will be to upgrade the operating system if this scenario is encountered.


Hardware Requirements for HMS Client 6.8

The HMS Client provides two major areas of functionality:

  1. Transfer of messages (e.g. Referrals) via a file interface. Ideally, the HMS Client is on the same server as the clinical system it interacts with, including sharing storage.  Network shared file locations are not recommended.
  2. HealthLink Quantum web component services, which include:
    • Provision of web-services integration for message exchange with reporting or clinical systems.
    • The online forms service which enables form access via a web browser (embedded in a reporting or clinical system).

Standard Messaging


Adequate for shared server


4+ GB RAM (available for HMS Client)


6+ GB storage (available for HMS Client)




Internet access (with at least 5 MBit/s downstream and 1 MBit/s upstream)