What is HealthLink Provider Referrals?

HealthLink Provider Referrals can be used by providers to refer patients to another provider.  Providers include GPs, specialists, allied health and hospitals.


Finding a provider is easy – you can search by name, specialty or diagnosis to find the most suitable healthcare provider for a patient’s specific needs.


With a single click, a comprehensive referral to that provider using patient information held in the electronic medical record system (EMR) can be created. This is done within a few seconds during the consultation and the referral is sent to the provider electronically via HealthLink’s secure network.


HealthLink is fully integrated into most common electronic medical record systems (EMRs) and a copy of the outgoing referral is saved into the patient record.

Key Features
Greater efficiency and effectiveness
Seamless integration with EMR
Proven and secure service
Backed by free, expert technical support

Benefits to healthcare providers

Better patient care

A comprehensive profile for each provider together with a powerful search help match patients with the most suitable healthcare provider.

Better quality referrals

Referrals include relevant clinical information pre-populated from the electronic medical record.

Refer to anyone

Find the right specialist, allied health provider, non-government organisation or even other GPs for a patient referral.