What is HealthLink Referral Manager?

HealthLink Referral Manager allows healthcare service providers the ability to easy manage and track incoming referrals. Fully configurable, the HealthLink Referral Manager allows referrals to be segregated by user, role, group or department involved in processing the referral.


HealthLink Referral Manager is fully configurable for specific workflow steps in which each user role performs those steps and captures the required information when that step occurs.


Status updates keep the referrer updated on the progress of each referral, and specific workflows can be configured to suit each type of referral and the organisation’s referral management process.


HealthLink Referral Manager can be securely accessed using a standard web browser, a pre-configured network access and a user account. The referral printing capability allows it to integrate with or support an existing paper-based workflow or it can be used to replace a paper based system.