How do I apply for a health secure digital certificate?
Health Secure Digital Certifcates are issued by ACC and the Ministry of Health.  To apply for a certificate, please contact the Registration Authority help desk who can help guide you through the process.   You can contact the Registration Authority help desk directly on 0800 117 590 or by emailing registration.authority@acc.co.nz.
I’ve lost the CD with my digital certificate. Can I get a replacement?
Yes, but there is a charge for this.  You’ll need to contact the Registration Authority on 0800 117 590 and ask for a renewal certificate.
Do I need a digital certificate to access NHI lookup?
Yes, if you don’t already have a Digital certificate then you will need to apply to the Registration Authority on 0800 117 590.  NHI Lookup cannot be accessed without a digital certificate.
What is my digital certificate name?
When you apply for a Health Secure digital certificate, the certificate is issued in your name.  When applying to use services such as HealthLink Workplace, the application form requires the exact spelling of the digital certificate name.   To find the name of your digital certificate, insert the CD that was sent to you, and locate the file with a .PFX extension.   In the example below, the PFX file name is issued in the name “John Smith”.