How long will my secure IT gateway box take to arrive?
The timeline can vary based on how long it takes the Ministry of Health to approve the connection, the time it takes to get all the relevant technical information from an IT provider. We endeavor to complete the required Hardware and dispatch within 5 days of Ministry of Health approval.
Can I use secure IT gateway with a FIBRE connection?
Yes – There are two options when it comes to setting up Secure IT Gateway within a Fibre environment. We can provide an All-In-One functionality with our Secure IT Gateway device or we can reconfigure the existing Fibre modem and connect to the Secure IT Gateway device we dispatch.
Does Healthlink offers onsite installations?
No. As every network environment varies and may be simple to complex, we work in conjunction with your IT support provider in setting up the Secure IT Gateway device and modem.
Do I need to change ISPS when I sign up for secure IT gateway?
Not at all. We work with whatever internet connection you currently have.
My netextender is not connecting. How do I solve this?
There are various reasons as to why this may have occurred. Please try shutting down your computer and power on again. If you still experience the issue please contact us.
Do I need to inform Healthlink if I am upgrading rom ADSL/VDSL to FIBRE?
Yes, please get in contact with us as details on your old modem will need to be transferred over to your new modem provided by your Internet Service Provider performing the upgrade.
What is the cost for secure IT gateway?
Standard pricing can be found on the Secure IT Gateway product page. Pricing can vary based if you require a higher specification device or VPN access – please contact HealthLink for more information.