Published December 2nd 2019

It was a family affair at the recent HiNZ Conference, with HealthLink, Toniq and Konnect NET exhibiting together for the first time under the Clanwilliam ANZ Group banner.

The annual digital health conference was held this year at Claudelands in Hamilton from 18–24 November and was the biggest yet with 1,250 delegates, 120 booths and 300 speakers.

HealthLink, Toniq and Konnect NET, which are New Zealand companies, have all recently joined the Dublin-based healthcare technology company, Clanwilliam Group.

HealthLink CEO Michelle Creighton says the conference was a great opportunity to showcase together what the three companies are doing in the health IT space.

“It’s a really fun opportunity for us to get together and is mutually beneficial. Having long-term partners is crucial for the sector and we have that because we are part of the Clanwilliam family.”

Mrs Creighton says there are big problems to be solved in the sector.

“We need collaboration and partnerships to solve those problems and together we are greater than the sum of our parts.”

She says Clanwilliam has an incredible understanding of the health IT sector.

“We are on the world stage with them and they understand our business and let us do our business, which is fantastic.”


A more powerful base

Konnect NET CEO Mike Weiss says having friends and sister companies to work with is hugely beneficial.

“The world is changing fast and connecting and collaborating with others creates a more powerful base. Each company brings its own expertise and knowledge to the table,” Mr Weiss says.

“Being part of Clanwilliam gives us access to capital and other technologies and also allows us to tap into deep expertise within the group”


It’s all about patient care

Toniq general manager Andrew Grant says it was exciting to exhibit at HiNZ for the first time and for it to be under the Clanwilliam Group.

“We are a group who genuinely get on and work well together,” Mr Grant says.

“At the end of the day it’s about the patient and their journey across the whole health system and ensuring they have the best possible health outcomes.”

All three companies are looking forward to exhibiting together again at the next HiNZ Conference.

“We’re incredibly grateful to the HiNZ organisers. These conferences are crucial to the betterment of the health sector by encouraging the collaboration that’s needed,” Mrs Creighton says.