Published December 2nd 2022

The Cannabis Clinic opened in 2018 in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore and has already seen more than 10,000 Kiwis from around the country.

eReferrals can now be made to the Cannabis Clinic using CareSelect.

Cannabis Clinic founder Dr Waseem Alzaher says demand is growing for medicinal cannabis, which is used to assist with mild to severe health conditions.

“We see a wide range of people from kids to adults, professionals, people at the end of their life and everyone in between and we deal with a variety of symptoms ranging from mild to serious,” Waseem says.

“But the most common ailments we assist with are pain, anxiety and sleep problems like insomnia.”

The clinic employs 14 doctors and four nurses and consultations can be carried out face to face or online.


Taking the load off GPs

While GPs can prescribe medicinal cannabis, Waseem says the Cannabis Clinic has the expertise, resources and time to ensure patients are getting the best possible treatment plan and follow up care.

“If GPs refer patients through to us, it takes some of the potential pressure off GPs.”

Waseem says there is also a lot of paperwork for GPs, which the Cannabis Clinic takes care of when patients are referred to them.

“We are really lightening the load for GPs, otherwise it would be a huge time investment for a small number of patients.”

Waseem says some GPs may not know enough about medicinal cannabis to prescribe it with confidence.

“Or if a GP has a patient for whom pharmaceuticals aren’t having a positive effect, the patient is already self-medicating with cannabis, or they are having trouble building a trusting relationship with their patient, then the Cannabis Clinic is a good option.”


Incredible success stories

Waseem says the clinic has seen some amazing results and success stories.

“While medicinal cannabis is not for everyone and we don’t prescribe it to everyone, we’ve had some incredible success stories where ordinary people’s lives have been drastically improved and transformed.”

He says the Cannabis Clinic and its dedicated staff put a lot of energy and care into providing the service.

“If it’s possible to support a loved one with symptoms and make their life better with a safe and effective plant-based medicine, then that’s enough to say we are doing the right thing.”

The Cannabis Clinic is planning on opening new clinics in Christchurch and Nelson soon.

“We are looking for new doctors to meet the growing demand.”


How to refer to the Cannabis Clinic:

  • open the patient record
  • select the HealthLink icon
  • use the CareSelect search bar, type “Cannabis Clinic”
  • click “Compose Referral”.