Published May 22nd 2019

One in six New Zealanders are affected by hearing loss and that number is expected to grow to one in four as the population ages.

With hearing loss such a widespread and growing problem, Triton Hearing is focussed on providing accessible and affordable hearing care to as many people as possible.

E-referrals can now be made to Triton Hearing using HealthLink’s CareSelect service, making it easier for GPs to make a referral and easier for patients to receive the care they need.

Triton Hearing has been delivering innovative hearing solutions to people around the country for 30 years. It offers free hearing checks at each of its 70 community based clinics located around New Zealand or via its website.


Quality of life impacted

Triton Hearing’s Head of Innovation and MNZAS audiologist, Craig Lett, says untreated hearing loss can negatively impact on wellbeing and quality of life.

“It also affects the lives of those around the person with the hearing loss. Even a mild loss can cause changes to the way a person lives, works and socialises,” he says.

Because hearing loss is often gradual, it can take sometimes take years before a person seeks help.

“It’s important people get their hearing checked at the first signs of hearing loss. There are many people who have untreated hearing loss who could significantly improve their quality of life simply by wearing hearing aids.”

Triton Hearing offers the full range of audiological care, including ear nurse services in most locations. And contrary to popular belief, hearing aids are affordable and discreet to wear.

Triton Hearing offers a Better Hearing Guarantee from only $495, including Government subsidy. This includes a free hearing test, a pair of hearing aids and free care and support for the life of the hearing devices.

“We don’t want price to be a barrier for people who need hearing aids,” he says.

Triton Hearing is also New Zealand’s only Consumer NZ trusted hearing provider, something the company is very proud of.


Accessibility key

At some locations, Triton Hearing also offers the TeleAudiology service, the first of its kind in the world.

Patients can have a consultation with an audiologist using a high-definition teleconferencing system.

“This means those located in more remote areas of New Zealand have access to the same level of care and support,” he says.

In addition, Triton Hearing has also recently transformed a 1949 Bedford bus, named Te waka Āwhina or Penelope, into a mobile hearing clinic that travels to remote parts of the country.

“We provide Triton TeleAudiology services on the bus and can test and fit people with hearing aids, wherever they are,” he says.

“We’re really focussed on providing easy access to better hearing for all New Zealanders, whether it’s price or location.”


How to refer to Triton Hearing:

  • open the patient record
  • select the HealthLink icon
  • use the CareSelect search bar, type “Triton Hearing”
  • click “Compose Referral”.