Published January 30th 2019

HealthLink’s new chief executive officer Michelle Creighton says she’s excited to be leading the organisation into the next stage of its journey.

“It’s a great honour and responsibility to pick up the reins of the company. I’m truly excited to lead a team with the vision and dedication to keep HealthLink firmly at the forefront of the changes and opportunities in healthcare integration,” Michelle says.

“I never lose sight of the fact that we have a serious responsibility to the health sector to maintain our core services on which the sector relies.”

Michelle joined HealthLink’s Auckland office in 2012 as finance manager and has previously worked as a business analyst. She took over the role of CEO from Tom Bowden at the end of last year.

She says she sees her role as an enabler, clearing the way for HealthLink to innovate and optimise delivery internally and externally.

“HealthLink is the trusted name in health system integration. We seek to maintain and build on that reputation. We will do that with a focus on our core strengths and developing richer collaborative partnerships across the sector,” she says.

The South Aucklander says her commercial and financial background has helped her understand the need to balance great ideas with sustainability.

She says the ever-increasing availability and affordability of digital platforms is already profoundly changing health IT in New Zealand.

“There are many advances that will contribute to shape how the future unfolds, much of it still uncertain. However, despite of all the new technologies that become available, I believe the future of Health IT will continue to be shaped through effective, successful partnerships across the sector. We plan to play a key role here.”

Spending time out of the office, making new connections and developing partnerships across the sector will be a priority for her.

“I look forward to collaborating with, and learning from, those with experience who can help us understand the problems we’re trying to solve,” she says.