Published June 17th 2021
Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box is nothing new for health IT company, Clanwilliam Health. But its latest software development is literally doing just that.

Clanwilliam Health has developed HealthLink SecureIT Cloud, which enables health professionals in New Zealand to access the private Connected Health network from the Cloud.

Health professionals have traditionally needed a HealthLink SecureIT Gateway black box physically installed on their premises to access Connected Health.

Connected Health is a standards-based, commercial model for the delivery of universal connectivity across the New Zealand health sector.

It operates over a network delivered by a number of private service providers and allows health professionals to safely share patients’ health information without using the internet.

New Zealand is the only country in the world that has a private network for transferring health information.


Busting the myth

Clanwilliam Health Chief Technology Officer John Carter says there is a myth that accessing Connected Health from the Cloud is impossible.

“That’s simply not true. We’ve developed the technology to connect to Connected Health from the Cloud in an affordable, secure and easy way,” he says.

Mr Carter says many organisations and businesses are moving to the Cloud and there’s been a lot of frustration with not being able to modernise the ability to connect to Connected Health.

“So, we came up with a solution with our Cloud-friendly deployment that’s the same cost as the black box. Plus, we will manage it for customers,” he explains.

He says health organisations and businesses wanting to move to the Cloud don’t have to worry now about not having access to Connected Health.

“It’s affordable, easy to do and you’ll still have the ability to do exactly the same things.”

He says the entire health sector will benefit from this development.