Easy access to Connected Health

Ministry of Health certified

HealthLink Secure IT Gateway is certified by the Ministry of Health for connecting healthcare professionals to the Connected Health network of New Zealand.

Easy access to Connected Health

HealthLink Secure IT Gateway works with your existing ADSL/VDSL or Fibre internet connection and allows safe sharing of health information.

Expert support for peace of mind

Best of breed security backed by HealthLink’s friendly and responsive support team in Newmarket, Auckland.

Proudly working with…

Key features

Access to the Ministry of Health’s Connected Health network
A fully managed service, supported by local health IT experts
Remote monitoring of intrusion detection
Regular reports on network performance
Certified by the Ministry of Health for safe & secure sharing of health information
Switching to HealthLink Secure IT Gateway is easy
Step 1

When you join HealthLink you are automatically added to our Online Provider Directory allowing referring sites to locate you quickly and easily during the referral process.

Step 2

If in the rare case you do find one of your referring partners does not have HealthLink, simply let us know and we will be only too happy to contact them and get them registered and configured for free.

Step 3

This way you don’t have to continually battle with numerous incoming pathways for referrals, or duplicate referrals from fax and post and patient.


HealthLink Secure IT Gateway is offered for a standard monthly fee with no minimum term and no cancellation fee.

Standard Rate

$115 per month


(Goods and services tax)

Optional VPN add-on for home access*

$10 per user per month


(Goods and services tax)

* Note VPN access from home is limited to a maximum of 16 concurrent users and requires a static IP address from your ISP configuration by your IT provider and additional software such as “Microsoft Terminal Services” or “Sunbelt Remote Administrator”