Published November 29th 2018

HealthCare NZ may have recently changed its name but that’s all that’s different – it’s still providing the same high-quality, home-based care it always has.

Formerly known as HealthCare Rehabilitation Realise Nursing Services, HealthCare NZ has been offering community support to those in need for the past 30 years.

The name change happened last year, but has only recently been changed on HealthLink’s e-Referral form.

HealthCare NZ’s team of nurses provides home-based care to people of all ages including those with an ACC-related injury.

As well as nursing services, it also offers disability support, rehabilitation services, mental health support, positive behaviour support and help with daily tasks such as personal care and activities of daily living to help people live as independently as possible, for as long as possible.

Healthcare NZ’s regional clinical manager for Auckland/Northland, Liz Milner, says services are tailored to meet the patient’s needs and goals, and are available seven days a week.

“Our team of specialist nurses offers support for a number of treatments including wound management, skin care, simple or complex burns, plaster checks, medication support, bladder and bowel management and vascular assessments,” Liz says.

“It’s a partnership model of care, where we provide care with our patients, not to them. It’s also about us being flexible and really working with our patients to ensure the best outcome possible,” she says.

“We help our patients learn about infection control principles or wound care management, which helps them feel empowered.”


Culturally responsive

Liz says being culturally responsive to patients and staff is important.

“We have a culturally diverse range of patients and staff. Many of our staff come from different cultures and speak different languages, which is hugely beneficial when it comes to providing the best care we can.”

Liz says home visits mean patients don’t have to travel to appointments and they often feel more comfortable being treated in their own home.

“Home visits also allow our nurses to do a holistic assessment of the patient. It enables them to identify areas that patients might need assistance with, for example, unsecured rugs or the absence of a bath mat might place them at high risk of a fall,” she says.

“Patients, GPs and practice nurses can have complete confidence in our highly skilled, clinical nursing team.”


How to refer to HealthCare NZ:

  • open the patient record
  • launch the HealthLink homepage
  • click on the “ACC Community Nursing (HealthCare NZ)” link.