Published August 5th 2019

HealthLink is pleased to announce the release of the latest upgrade of its HMS (HealthLink Messaging Service) client software.

HMS Client 6.7.3 has preserved the look and feel of the previous version and retained compatibility with all the same practice management and electronic medical record systems.

The new upgrade has incorporated hundreds of new security features, bug fixes, sub-component upgrades and performance enhancements.

One of the most important changes is an upgrade to the transport layer encryption used to transmit messages. In addition to the end-to-end encryption using PKI digital certificates, we now support an upgraded transport layer protocol (known as TLS 1.2).

More than 9,000 Windows sites have already received the new upgrade automatically and may not even be aware it’s happened. However, a small percentage of sites won’t allow an automatic upgrade, usually due to restrictive firewall rules.

We’ll contact you if your site hasn’t automatically upgraded over the next few weeks. You may have to download and install the new version on site.

For Mac users, changes to the MacOS security model will require most users to perform a one-time manual upgrade.


To check if your site has the new version installed:

  • Go to the Windows Start Menu
  • Choose “HealthLink Client”
  • Choose “HealthLink Advanced Options”
  • Choose “Help”
  • Choose “About” to see the version number (it should be 6.7.3)

We’d like to thank all the stakeholders for their contributions to the HMS client development roadmap. We’re already hard at work coding the next release… watch this space!