Published July 11th 2019

Auckland osteopath Mike Mirkovic is proud to have the country’s only focused shockwave therapy machine, which significantly speeds up recovery from chronic injuries.

The treatment is non-invasive and uses ultrasound to target old, fibrotic or scarred injuries.

“The shockwave therapy machine increases circulation, activates fibrocytes and can help reduce bone oedema,” Mike says.

“We use shockwave therapy for chronic injuries – things like plantar fasciitis, mild osteoarthritis, chronic tendon injuries, mild bursitis or torn muscles. We use our high-powered laser therapy for more acute injuries to reduce pain and swelling.”

Mike, who established Epsom Osteopathic Centre in 2006, says the high-powered machines broaden his treatment options immensely.

Musculoskeletal all-rounders

Mike, who grew up in Germany, says there can be a bit of confusion about what osteopaths actually do. Unlike physios, most osteopaths don’t do rehabilitation exercise work.

“Basically, we treat anyone who has a musculoskeletal issue, from children right through to older people, from office workers to athletes, so you can think of osteopaths as musculoskeletal all-rounders.”

He says the most common problem he sees in his practice is lower back and neck pain.

“Often I will look at correcting the patient’s posture or the way they move. For example, if it’s an office worker I’ll look at the way their desk and computer is set up or, if it’s an athlete, I’ll look at video footage of them in action to help treat them.”

He says he’s seeing more and more children and teenagers with musculoskeletal problems due to the overuse of devices.

“They are hunched over and wilting, so that position coupled with a lack of exercise is causing a lot of problems.”


Team effort

Mike says he likes to work closely with other health professionals.

“I’ll send patients to a physio or personal trainer if needed. I like working with other health professionals to get the best outcome for the patient. I’m not in competition with anyone and actively encourage patients to seek other procedures if needed.”

Mike works alongside osteopath Amanda Collis and naturopath Gordana Mirkovic in his busy practice and takes private patients as well as ACC referrals.

“I’ve done a good job if I don’t see my patients again with the same pain pattern. I treat them and encourage them to make changes so they don’t have to come back for the same issue.”


How to refer to Epsom Osteopathic Centre:

  • open the patient record
  • select the HealthLink icon
  • use the CareSelect search bar, type “Epsom Osteopathic Centre” or “Mike Mirkovic”
  • click “Compose Referral”.