Secure IT Gateway Terms and Conditions

The Secure IT Gateway Services will be supplied on the following terms and conditions (collectively “Agreement”):

1. Additional Secure IT Gateway terms and conditions (set out below)
2. HealthLink Master Services Agreement (MSA), HealthLink Terms of Use of Services (TOU) and the HealthLink Service Level Agreement found at /policies/healthlink-terms-of-use/. To avoid doubt, all references to Services in the MSA, TOU and SLA includes the Secure IT Gateway equipment and services.

Additional Secure IT Gateway Terms and Conditions

1. Equipment. HealthLink may upon request from Customer provide certain equipment to facilitate the use of the Secure IT Gateway Services. Any such equipment remains the property of HealthLink at all times, and the Customer shall be solely responsible for any loss of, or damage to, such equipment. If the equipment is lost or damaged the Customer must immediately notify HealthLink in writing. On termination of the Agreement the Customer must promptly return all equipment to HealthLink.

2. Prerequisites: All Customer requirements and pre-requisites set out in the Order Form must be supplied or completed by the Customer prior to the installation of the Secure IT Gateway Service. If they are not, this may result in HealthLink being unable to install or supply the Secure IT Gateway Service or the Secure IT Gateway Service may not function or perform its optimal level.

3. Accessibility. Customer acknowledges that HealthLink retains final discretion of which Internet addresses and websites will be accessible via the Secure IT Gateway Service, after discussions with Customer. Customer agrees to ensure that HealthLink is advised of any remote access to the Customer network, that HealthLink shall be entitled to set parameters for such access to preserve the integrity of the Secure IT Gateway Service. Hosting of web services by Customer will only be permitted when the Customer obtains a Connected Health connection and has subscribed to the appropriate Secure IT Gateway package.

4. Configuration. Where HealthLink provides configuration services to Customer, Customer agrees not to interfere with or modify such configuration, including changing equipment provided by HealthLink without HealthLink’s prior written authorization. HealthLink reserves the right to charge a fee for configuration changes required by Customer.

5. Compliance with Connected Health Governance Board. The Customer will comply with the requirements of the Connected Health Governance Board (HIGB) (and any successor body), including without limitation, the security requirements of the HIGB.