Where can I find the HealthLink Messaging Client documentation?
You can find it all here in our user guide section
How do I uninstall the HealthLink Messaging System software?
Select from the start menu, HealthLink Client and choose “HealthLink Client Uninstaller”:  
How do I get a one time password for installing the HealthLink messaging system?
If a one time password is required, please contact the HealthLink helpdesk and the team will be able to help.   You can reach the helpdesk by calling 0800 288 887.
How do I cancel an EDI account?
To cancel your HealthLink Messaging System EDI account, you’ll need to complete an EDI Account Closure Form. Once you’ve completed the form, please scan and email it to helpdesk@healthlink.net
Can I change my EDI address?
Yes, however to do this, first you will need to cancel your current EDI account and then re-register for a new EDI by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ link at the top right of this website.
What are the System Requirements for HealthLink messaging System (HMS)?
Please go to the following links for system requirements for: